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I really like this illustration I did. She looks like a “Megumi” to me. I think it’s the glasses.

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I go to art school THEREFORE I have more homework than you!

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Ripped from facebook.

Points that have been bold apply to yours truly.

Go to art school? Sick and tired of people that go to “real colleges” saying you don’t do shit at school? Here is the group you should join if: (any more ideas to add to the list? Let it rip!)

1. You know you have at least 5 projects to completely finish in a week.

2. On top of those assignments, you also have to write papers and study for liberal arts classes.

3. You pull an all nighter at least 2 times or more a week.

4. You drink more coffee and smoke more cigarettes than an average “college” student.

5. The amount of stuff written in your planner makes you want to kill yourself.

6. But you love it anyways!

7. Your friends that go to “real college” claim they are smarter than you. Apparently art school defines you as “dumb”.

8. You are not dumb! If anything you don’t have half as much time to goof around at frat and sor parties!

9. You know that you will be making twice as much money than your friends when you finally land that masterpiece you have been working on for 5 million years.

10. You hate when people study art history at a “real college” and they don’t even understand how to paint.

11. You are the best multi-tasker out of anyone ever. AKA: Talking on the cellphone, typing on a computer, scanning your image, tweaking it up in photoshop, updating your css webpage, painting, studying and listening to your ipod at the same time.

12. You aren’t stuck up. You are just better than everyone because you actually have a REAL talent.

13. You know more about politics and social issues than most govt. majors do.

14. Your “parties” consist of the following:
-Drunken debates
-Conversations about which art teachers know the least about what they teach
-Drinking a bottle of hard liquor and smoking a pack of american spirits in a span of 1 hour
-Drukenly showing off your portfolio to your artsy friends.
-Discussing the last avant garde film you saw at some independent movie theater
-Being “weird”
-Talking about how much work you have to do when you wake up from being passed out

15. You go to art museums for fun and sometimes your school gets you in FOR FREE!

16. People you went to high school with make fun of you and your friends because you look “strange” and have “strange” hobbies.

17. WTF is “spring break”?!

18. Your dining hall has a huge line in the “vegan/vegetarian” section.

19. You know the right side of your brain is as strong as Arnold and the left side of your brain is as strong as Pee Wee.


21. You’re the only person who’s skin crawls when you see a Thomas Kinkade painting. Your skin crawls even more when your friends say “his art is so amazing!”

22. You hate kids that own a more expensive camera than you do, they don’t know how to use it, and claim they are photographers.

23. Your friends think that its funny you have seen more people naked then they ever will in their whole life. You also have a few horror stories to add to that.

24. You are the only people who actually have to “MAKE IT WORK!”

25. You know Tim Gunn either personally, through a friend, or through project runway.

26. No, you will not let your “college” friends go to the fashion show with you.

27. Kerning has nothing to do with popcorn.

28. Compare studying for 2 hours or drawing the same object 190 different times one half hour before your 9 am class.

29. When you mention Leonardo DaVinci, your “college” friends say, “oh, the DaVinci code?!” and you just sigh and walk away.

30. You know how to make a screenprint. In fact some people at “real colleges” might be wearing your screen print.

31. You feel unappreciated in the world because in fact, the whole world is made up of art. Any “smart” person knows that!

32. You draw your notes instead of writing them.

33. You spend more than 24 hours at your sewing machine.

34. Most “college” students don’t even know how to use a ruler like you do.

35. Try and ask your friends if they can construct a working umbrella or a chair made out of foam and plywood.

36. you know the true meaning of the phrase: “dumpster diving” and know how hard it is to get strange objects out of your hair.

37. The textbooks you use for art history classes are so perverse they are not found anywhere but your college store.

38. You spend as much time trying to save money on art supplies as you do finishing homework. (6 hours on a drawing assignment – 7 hours going to art stores for the cheapest paper, 9 hours on a 3D sculpture – 12 hours going through trash for materials, etc…)

40. You feel murderous when you notice how many people “dumb quotes“ and Helvetica improperly.

41. The words “Flash“ and “8“ strike fear into your soul and makes you cry a little.

42. You can‘t wait ‘till finals for the 24 hour building access that totally obliterates your sleep schedule worse than it already is.

43. Your eyes BLEED from staring at your computer screen for too long.

44. Your hair has been 200 different shades of color from freshman year to senior year.


46. You have the ability to sleep while sitting on a stool.

47. You have the ability to sleep standing up…and in the shower.

48. You tell kids who go to “real” college that you go to art school, and they go “aww.. thats cute. So you paint landscapes and stuff?”

49. You live in a studio and sleep in a dorm room!

50. People who have RX to aderol etc. become your best friends when big projects are due

51. You have the ability to wear cat ears and still look great

52. You have a blanket, pillow, toothbrush, toothpaste, change of clothes all under your drafting table “a.k.a. your home”

53. Our camera goes more places with you than your boyfriend does. And you understand that a visualist major IS NOT someone who is studying to become a psychic

54. When you talk to your family about what you’re going to do with your degree they all ask “are you planning on painting on the streets?” or “So, are you going to teach, or what?

55. You’ve ever had to walk across campus carrying a portfolio with your final work and had a wind/snow/rain storm come up and knock the shit out of your hands.

56. Done an insane amount of detailing to the point that people ask “how can you do that? You must be insane!” but then finish and feel that elation from seeing what YOU created come to life. Who else can feel that? Accountants? Doubt it.

57. You unconsciously analyze all advertisements to determine their semiotic message.

58. Every shirt you see for sale is broken down into the “munsell color system”, and critiqued on their success or failure in creating harmonious color

59. You have pre-conceived notions about all people not enrolled in art school and their inability to realize, let alone understand anything pertinent to the function of society.

60. All of your clothes smell like febreeze and turpentine/developer…because laundry–who has time for that?

61. When you tell people that you go to art school, and they reply, “So, can you draw good?”, you get really annoyed, mostly because you’re bitter from people thinking that all you do is draw pictures all day long and on top of that, they have poor grammar.

62. .in case you run out of stimulants….you can always use the 10 sharpies, 20+ prismacolors or rubber cement to wake you up in a jiffy.

63. when you say you spent the day in the darkroom you mean it.. it was dark when you went in .. and when you leave its still dark.. hence the lack of a tan…

64. You get offended when solicitors and other people look to you on the street for money. “I’m an ART student,” you reply, then get even more offended when they act as if they don’t know what that means. It means we’re completely broke. Art students are the last people anyone should be asking for money

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Illustration class… again.

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Well, the topic is really about a self-portrait and illustrations of four friends. Most of my friends are better expressed caricatured, however, in this case, when the style of art has been decided for me, they have been somewhat beautified. All I can say now is that I like pretty things so I can’t help it is what I have depicted is not what reality is… but then… what is reality? Hur hur hur, my mind is spinning from my lecture about new media this morning.

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My Imaginary Boyfriend

January 27, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m at the stage where I prefer my imagination over reality.

(Yes, he is modeled after the hottie in my Host Club post.)

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Version 2.1

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Self portrait: Version 2.1

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Host Clubs

January 25, 2008 1 comment

Two things motivated this article: a spanking new music album by Club Prince and a side story, “The Man from Kabuki City” by Yuzuha Ougi featured in the manga “Abiru Junjou“.

Reality if often far from the fantasy that fiction creates for us. Ouran Host Club , a popular manga and anime series, definitely glamorizes the truth. More depictions of Host Clubs in popular media include the mind-numbingly plotless movie Gigolo Wannabe, starring the delicious Oguri Shun, and manga Blood Hound by Kaori Yuki, which was turned into a Live-Action dorama The Vampire Host. The host club concept and occupation is also commonly seen in BL manga. Shinjuku boys is a documentary, focusing on a specific type of host clubs: staffed exclusively by FTM transsexuals.

So what’s the real identity of a Host? A positive definition is that they are men dedicated to serve their female clients, meeting their emotional needs by providing them with dreams that make their happy. Host Club‘s clientèle run from wealthy middle-aged career women to workers of the “soapland” industry, all with the common need for attention and affection that can be bought as long as they are willing to foot the bill. However outrageous the inflated bottles of Dom Perignon may cost, these women are willing to pay, even if it may put them in debt. Thus, the truth is far from ideal as dreams that are promoted are essentially illusions and lies that trap women in a vicious cycle, where those unable to break free eventually turn to prostitution to continue dreaming.

Many sympathize with their female counterparts, often faced with withstanding the nasty advances from perverted old men and other gestures that outrage the female modesty for money. Host face similar difficulties, which are often tenfold thanks to the tenacious nature of some of their women clients. I venture to say that society is bias towards the female gender, and the plight of these hosts have been sorely overlooked.

Drinking in the delights of men, USAGI NAKAMURA: Shopping queen shelves host ‘illusion’ and Casanovas for Hire are three dated, but still relevant, articles on Host Clubs featured on The Japan Times Online.

Tokyo plays host to sexual shift, Rent Boyz andBoy toys take center stage at host clubs are articles based on interviews with some of the most popular host clubs in Japan. Club Dios and Club Ai are just some of the Host Clubs who have risen above the rest. Club Prince has even ventured beyond the comforts of their clubs and into the J-Pop music industry, with catchy dance numbers and glitzy outfits. Their blogs (Ran, Sora and Tsuyoshi) are adorable mono/photo-logues of their daily life. They also have an official club blog. The host club concept has even been modified to be made “deliverable”. Much like escort services, Blanc Noeria and Precious provide hosts that are delivered up to your doorstep.

Host – Thor WILLIAMSON is one of the few non-Japanese host that can be found partying into the night. Williamson’s choice of occupation could hardly have been predicted from his upbringing. Born and raised in Hiroshima, his father is a former protestant missionary from Canada who sent his son to international schools in Japan. After graduating from high school in Kobe, Williamson went on to study at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Yamagishi Reiko explores the stereotypical view of Japanese and Western men on this unique career choice.

Some Hosts have shifted their focus off entertaining clients to handling the business aspect of things, and turned into budding entrepreneurs and businessmen in their own right. One such example is Takashi Totsuka, who uses the host name Reiji. But in order to excel, there is a price to be paid. Hosts live a damaging lifestyle, of excessive drinking, endless chain smoking and sleeping hours that defy the norm. Many hosts become cynics when it comes to relationships, unable to belief in ‘True Love’ and find it hard to be honest with women.

Documentary by Jake Clennell: “The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief” looks in depth into their world through Issei, a successful host from Osaka, and his club :Trailer. The feature is earnest and honest, digging beyond the superficialities of the industry to touch on the serious issues hidden underneath. An interview about the award winning documentary and be found here: CinemATL .

Issei starts with introducing the “Neverland” concept, referencing to the fairytale land in the story of Peter Pan. Apparently this is an idea that most host clubs adopt, the term being repeated in many of the articles I came across when researching this article. Two main perspectives are explored in the documentary: The Hosts and Their Clients. The interviews cleverly flips from one side of the coin to the other, as both parties voice their thoughts.

This documentary basically reviews the workings of a “Host Club”, providing the viewer with an enlightened understanding of the occupation and industry. How accurate is the depiction? I would say that this documentary is validated by all the articles, linked above, I have dug out. My thoughts on “the scene” was radically changed after watching this. It was quite an emotional journey looking into the lives of Hosts, as their world is really a reflection of a society where dreams are mere illusions to sustain a hopeless hope.

The image that didn’t make the cut

January 21, 2008 Leave a comment

I did this ‘portrait’ illustration of my dad. I kindof like it but the teacher didn’t. Oh well.

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