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The Golden Fleece Awards

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Best Friends Forever?

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Thinking of You

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Project Bah-ram-moo

February 14, 2008 Leave a comment

So we 3rd year animation majors have started recking our brains to come up with fantastic ideas for our final year project. Here is a sneak peek at what I have churned out so for in terms of illustrations.


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Work in Progress

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Something I am working on at the moment. Using gorgeous stock from mjranum stock photography.

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Big Names

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Was referred to cartoon brew by a friend, to watch this interest political satire. FYI, the animations that are in debate are Ratatouille and Persepolis.

For these two weeks, we have some visiting lecturers which include some big names like Eric Adkins (cinematography) and Hans Bacher (production design). Eric Adkins worked on “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”, and his involvement as a cinematography was challenging as it was working with High-Def, which was cutting age for it’s time. On a personal note, he is very much a dork. His presentation was detailed in the technicalities of the film, interspersed with cute comments like, “Oh… I think I just lost my train of thought”,”Oooo… Light show”(referring to the mac screensaver which popped on screen). They were delivered with brilliant blandness that cracked me up.

More on Hans Bacher later.

A Day With Sunshine

February 11, 2008 2 comments

Version 1 & 2

The first felt flat. It looks okay, but kind of lacking. So my teacher suggested adding some texture… And version 2 has more depth to it.

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