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Holidays & more!

The holidays have been rather unkind to me. After the horrors of end-of-semester projects, I found myself caught up in inter-sem classes and work. My idealistic plans to do more research on the “Ikemen” and producing a link-worthy article is on hold, along with my article on “the tentacle conspiracy” in 2008’s Spring anime season.

For the past month and a half, I have been getting a crash course on the Korean language, while working part-time in a job that requires none of my awesome artistic skills. By the time I’m done with the day’s work/classes, I am usually too drained (mentally and physically) to do anything more than watch anime/dorama. XD

But I did touch my beloved Photoshop CS3 during this period of time and here’s a look at the stuff I did (mostly for korean class)!

The whole idea of this project was to created a promotional article on a certain place of interest in Seoul, and include a paragraph of your feelings written in korean. It’s a partner effort so I will only be displaying the bits of the project that I did. I covered: Seoul Arts Center, Namsangol Traditional Korean Village and Lotte World.

My partner is Ms. Mavis, whose own designs inspired my own. ^^

I think i ended up spending more time on the layouts and photo-editing than the actually writing. *lol*

Now with Korean classes out of the way, I get to enjoy more free time during the holidays. Including a trip to bangkok! As I have heard printing is waaay cheaper there than in Singapore, I’ll be printing my own set of namecards, feat. berribunz studio!

Here’s a quick look at my design:

That’s all for the moment. Hopefully the pictures I take in Bangkok will turn out well, as I am using this cool camera with a lens that creates wild perspectives.


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