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Vivitar and the River

I have quite a few pals who are great photographers and I often admire their pro-skills at their craft. Personally, my knowledge in this field is limited at best and I often depend on my photo-editing skills to make the best of the pictures I take. And thanks to the creation of the digital camera, even idiots like me can take some nice shots without sweating too much.

My experience with cameras begun with me being INFRONT of the camera rather than behind the lens. After being put through quite a traumatizing time associated with the traditional film camera, I stayed clear of any image processing devices. Well, at least till I begun my foray into the artistic side. But even then, I am not madly into photography as it is a pretty expensive venture and I have other costly addictions to maintain.

The friendly point-and-shoot I had was a Canon Ixus 50, till I killed the LCD viewer through some really stupid accident, rendering it useless. During the same time, I got acquainted with the digital SLRs from Nikon and its range of short/long-dist. lens that are really fun to play with. Nowadays, I am too lazy to take decent images and just use my lousy 1.3 megapixel handphone camera to take candid images. Only when some semblance of professionalism is required, do I borrow my dad’s D50.

Recently, I got infected with the photo-bug and picked up a cheap $20 film camera to experiment with.

Here’s the result: Pictures taken old-school style, with a Vivitar Ultra wide & Slim camera. Used some (probably expired) kodak ISO 200 film, making the original prints rather dull. Almost half of the roll I shot looks horrible. Spiced up the better shots with some Photoshop CS3.

Singapore’s unofficial national bird: the Crane.

Picture taken of the construction happening along Marina Bay of the Integrated Resorts.

Emo-angst filled sight of Marina Bay… just beside the HRC esplanade booth. This was taken quite early in the day, before all the lovey dovey couples come to block the view.

Marina Square/Mariott hotel (?).

And the people on the grass patch are actually from some sort of club. Every month or so, they use that area to set up a mini war ground for their miniature tank battles. It’s quite cute!

The colourful MICA building. I love the windows!

The new hippo boat and one of the Filipino deckhands

The Singapore River, specifically, Clarke Quay!

Note the number of bumboats! They are taking their final voyage as diesel boats are being phrased out. No more diesel boats on the river! Another part of Singapore is resigned to the history books.

The electric boats that replace the iconic bum boats!

Hippo River Cruises, Clarke Quay booth. It’s small and stuffy. Infamous for being next to Hooters.

A better view of Maverick (?) or is it Sunshine ? I can’t tell the boats apart.

More of the jetty where the hippo boats are parked. Uncle in the picture is Captain Lim (?), who is one of the nicest boat captains.

I think Central is a beautiful building, just because of the way it reflects the clouds in the sky.

That’s all the pictures for now. I’ll be heading to bangkok soon and this time I loaded some better quality film into the camera. Hopefully I can capture some nicer photographs!


  1. June 16, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    Give us a visit when you have the time.
    Our native language IS photography!


    The drinks, or Tofu Daiquiris, are on us.

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