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Clannad : Tomoyo (fanart)

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment

I found this lying around on my deviantart account. So I thought I should put it here too. ^^

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KHR fangirling

September 25, 2008 Leave a comment

FINALLY, some decent Kateikyoushi Hitman REBORN! Merchandise!

I have to declare that I don’t ship Gokudera X Tsuna, I am more of a Dino X Hibari person or Yamamoto X Gokudera, and above all, Tsuna X EVERYBODY~! Hur hur hur.

Unfortunately, there were no more Hibari or Yamamoto so I went for Tsuna and Gokudera. I think Tsuna is totally hot when he pops the pill and is all serious XD. So the Chibi Tsuna totally turned me into fangirl mode. And is now hanging off my digital camera.

Gokudera-kun looks cute too~! With the mini dynamites in his hand. XD And he matches my wallet so he is attached to it now. =D

Here’s a snapshot of the other handphone straps as well as card cases. I wish I could buy the whole set! Unfortunately, I need money for other stuff. >_<“”

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More Notbear

September 25, 2008 2 comments

It’s quite awkward to come home after a tiring day and find this lying on your bed:

No, I am not making a comment on the pristine state of the room (because those who have seen the mess called my hall room, will notice the startling contrast in appearances).

Let’s get a closer look:

Mr Munkii is doing something to poor Notbear~!

FYI, this scenario was orchestrated by my beloved but crazy Mother. -ish very disturbed- Soft toy pRon is not my cup of tea.

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Meet Notbear

September 22, 2008 Leave a comment

So here’s the story:

I was on my break at work, wondering around the area, and chanced upon a small shop with an array of arcade crane/claw machines. I had tried my luck there before, failing to get anything. But my luck with these sort of games have always been quite good, I have gotten some interesting prizes before at Odaiba’s Palette Town, where there are arcade claw machines lined up for as far as the eye can see.

With some spare change in hand, I decided to challenge this small arcade’s selection of machines. I first tried out the smaller, less intimidating machines. Didn’t really work out for me. I looked for easier pickings and spotted a bearlike stuff toy sprawled on it’s back, as if calling out to me to rescue it from its plastic enclosure. It took one coin to rescue it. XD Which totally pissed off the dude who was next to me, gawking at my luck, while banging his fist in frustration at the machine he had been feeding coins to for the past half hour.

What happened was that the toy didn’t fall directly into the exit pit, but fell half in before tilting and sliding down the chute. And thus, I happily walked away with “Notbear“. Named as such because it looks like a bear, but isn’t one.

Notbear joins me in my booth, providing me with much needed companionship and a soft pillow to take short naps on.

Notbear making himself very comfortable.

Maybe too comfortable. =/

And he has taken over my work station!

Notbear admires the view of Marina Bay from his perch.

Dcal, not amused by Notbear’s ‘hostile’ take over of her position, vents her anger at the innocent Nugget.

(Nugget is the little hamster like handphone accessory that hands off Dcal’s phone strap.)

Dcal decides it’s time to put an end to Notbear’s nonsense and subdues the stuff toy with hugs.

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男女 ~! (Danjo dance)

September 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Okay, it’s 3.33am in the morning and I am high on chocolate milk and a brain crammed with notes on my S’pore Studies module. And while taking a break, I found this whole new fascinating world~!

Firstly, the predecessor:

A dance which involves holding the hands to the head and flapping them while swinging ya booty from side to side in accordance. (Wiki)


.feat the Gundam 00 Cast

.feat Lulu and Suzaku from Code Geass

And now,

~! (Danjo dance)

This is a whole new breed of the already famous dance
For example:

.feat the Gundam 00 Cast

-feat the Code Geass Cast


Gintama Class 3/2

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn TYL Arc



And for more detailed madness click here.

A little analysis into the whole concept, that has adapted well with the various fandoms, especially the “腐向け” (Fujioshi) sphere because of the way males in anime are often depicted rather androgynous, often causing confusion over their actual gender.

Sleepy head

September 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Something from a while back. ^^

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September 11, 2008 Leave a comment

I am not even going to bother defending this… it’s just pure crack.

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