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男女 ~! (Danjo dance)

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Okay, it’s 3.33am in the morning and I am high on chocolate milk and a brain crammed with notes on my S’pore Studies module. And while taking a break, I found this whole new fascinating world~!

Firstly, the predecessor:

A dance which involves holding the hands to the head and flapping them while swinging ya booty from side to side in accordance. (Wiki)


.feat the Gundam 00 Cast

.feat Lulu and Suzaku from Code Geass

And now,

~! (Danjo dance)

This is a whole new breed of the already famous dance
For example:

.feat the Gundam 00 Cast

-feat the Code Geass Cast


Gintama Class 3/2

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn TYL Arc



And for more detailed madness click here.

A little analysis into the whole concept, that has adapted well with the various fandoms, especially the “腐向け” (Fujioshi) sphere because of the way males in anime are often depicted rather androgynous, often causing confusion over their actual gender.

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