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Fujoshi Kanojo – 腐女友

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It’s 5am in the morning and I can’t sleep, so here I am, writing a post on the meaning of life. Specifically my life a fujoshi.

For the uninitiated, the definition of a fujoshi have been personally elaborated here. With that out of the way, let me begin.

It all started with reading Fujoshi Kanojo (我的腐女友) by Pentabu. It was highly enjoyable and got me thinking… why don’t I have a boyfriend that I can torture?

Let me illustrate the premise for my following discussion, with a little background information. (May contain spoilers. You have been warned. =D)

Fujoshi Kanojo is a blog-turn-best-seller-novel of a normal Japanese man, Pentabu, and he blogs about his fujoshi girlfriend. He started the relationship

with “Y子”, who was his superior at a part-time job, without prior knowledge of her “preferences”. With the innocent belief that “love will triumph”, Pentabu slowly adjusts to the ways of a fujoshi. As for the character Y子, I salute her for her prized catch. In my humble opinion, she has managed to nab an ideal boyfriend. Why?

Let’s see:
+ Her boyfriend is 2 years younger. There is something irresistible about younger men and older women pairings. (Moe-points: 7/10)

+ Her boyfriend is butler-type, and response to the nick-name “Sebastian”. In line with the butler craze, and a sizzling hot example as seen in Kuroshitsuji. (Moe-points: 8/10)

+ Her boyfriend cooks and cleans. Nothing turns a girl on like gender roles reversed. (Moe-points: 10/10)

+ Her boyfriend entertains most of her whims and fancies. He complains about it but he still does everything he’s told anyway. (Moe-points: 9/10)

+ Her boyfriend is rolling in dough, thanks to his best-selling novel/blog, which is dedicated to her. The money eventually ends up spend on his lady love, and her love for BL. (Moe-points:9/10)

Y子 definitely got lucky with nabbing a commoner and turning him into her fujoshi boy-toy. =D As for a more practical example, is Tonari no 801-chan by Ajiko Kojima, who draws 4-koma comics about a fujoshi with an otaku boyfriend. Being well-acquainted with the ACG world himself, you would expect Tibet (the male protagonist) to be less surprise at his girlfriend’s preferences. However, if that were the case, there wouldn’t be a story now, would there?

Anyway, I was excited when Kyoto Animation, famed for anime blockbuster The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi as well as visual novels to anime translations like Clannad, announced the studio’s foray into the BL realm with Tonari no 801-chan. But it was tragically cancelled. Nevertheless, there is the live-action movie to fall back on and looks to be a cute adaptation.

Though I think it is quite unfair on how extreme the portrayal of the fujoshi are. Or maybe I am not extreme enough. >_<”

Personally, I feel that most fujoshi are closeted and their true natures are revealed mostly online, rarely in real life. It’s already hard enough trying to get people to understand homosexuality, much less trying to understand the people who find the topic fascinating. And BL is not the same as Camp. (Though I sidetrack when I say that Pierre et Gilles photography is simply gorgeous!!) I actually think the appeal of any sort of love between males remains attractive on a 2d level, but not as appealing on a realistic level. Any rational person knows that there are limits that need to be set. And I draw the line separating the imaginary or fiction, from reality. Unfortunately, there are some Japanese women who have gone off the deep end and following the footsteps of some Japanese men in their fight to make marriage to 2d characters legal.

And I have unwittingly strayed from my original discussion, which is why can’t I find a boyfriend, normal or otherwise?!

A fujoshi will make a good girlfriend, in more ways than one.

+We love to hear you talk about your childhood/school/army days: The stories about youth and camaraderie among young boys are the makings of a good night’s dreaming.

+ We are not high maintenance: Who needs fancy restaurants and luxury gifts when all is needed is a comfortable shoulder to lean on while reading the latest BL manga?

+We encourage you to go out with your guy friends: Bro-mance is allowed as long as we get to hear details about it.

+We respect individual space: As long as you keep out of our doujin stash, we’ll let you keep your porn.

+We understand sports: Studying Prince of Tennis, Slam Dunk, Eyeshield 21, Oofuri, and the whole host of sports manga/anime, has given us an understanding on the whole sports thing. I think.

+We make life interesting: Pentabu and Tibet are examples on how interesting life can get for a guy living with a fujoshi kanojo, you might even make a pile writing about the experience!

So… in conclusion, why don’t you give it a shot? And get yourself a fujoshi kanojo?





(All you need to do is send a picture and introduction to my email address. *winks*)

  1. al
    December 25, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    haha! I LURVE YAOI TOO! i stumbled at ur blog and had a great time reading it. this article really made me LAUGH. im a fellow singaporean too and im a hard core fujoshi. you forget to add that a fujoshi gf also has a sophisticated understanding of the male anatomy… * ahem*

  2. dcal
    December 25, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    ^^” It’s great that you had fun reading my blog!
    -LOL- I would think that with our knowledge of… the male *ahem* anatomy, we might be disappointed with the real thing. *winks*

  3. April 4, 2009 at 6:30 am

    i’m a hardcore yaoi fan too but it i just go for guys that are bi so it’s not a big deal to them. besides there are plenty of guys that i know that watch and read yaoi and aren’t in any way bi or gay. i don’t quite get it but in genshiken he says to her that he’s turned on by her drawings but it doesn’t mean he’s gay.

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