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(Nendoroid) Play Set #1: School Life Set

Here ‘s a look at the highly anticipated Nendoroid Play Set #01: School Life Set A & B !!

I’ve been lusting after it since I got into the whole Nendoroid craze. I missed the pre-order and any chances on getting my paws on them were bleak. Thankfully , I was placed on Ani-Play (linkie on my blogroll) ‘s waiting list and there was extra stock. =D Hence I got not only Set A, but also Set B!! 00


I set up camp at MOS burger as I couldn’t resist the wait to check out the goods. Picked up figma.BP Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion : Lelouch Lamperouge as well. It just isn’t right to have Suzu and no Lulu. So the selfish fujioshi in me just went ahead and nabbed Lulu off the shelf despite the heavy pricetag, compliments of the rising yen. Lulu gets the spot light some other time, when I actually unwrap him… so back to the Playset! (Suzu is sulking in the corner as he wants Lulu NOW. =D) I only played with Set A so the following pictures will only be of that half of the whole playset.


The set is held together by acrylic “nails” of sorts. Quite clever really. It’s easy to put things together by looking at the pictures, and thank heavens for that as the written instructions were in Japanese and didn’t help much. 03

The kit comes with : Yakisoba bread, A packet of drink (they don’t come labeled, instead, two sticker designs are provided : Milk and Strawberry), A Mac-like laptop (FTW), an open notebook, a pen, a piece of chalk, a blackboard chalk duster, baseball bat, and the standard table and chair. All the props are really well made. The smaller stuff are quite fragile but all really nicely done.


Testing the scene out with Yako. who has a hand option that allows her to hold stuff like the pen! Took a while to figure out how to pose her, but she remained surprisingly ‘still’ and didn’t fall off the chair as I had expected. While I was doing all this setting up and posing, I attracted some weird stares from the other people in the fastfood joint. ^^” It included some Korean teens who openly stared at the display and even asked me in choppy English what the set is about.


A close-up of Yako sitting comfortably in her chair. Her head is rather heavy, and I expected her to fall but she was a good girl and held her poise for the camera. 06

Miku enters the scene with the metal bat. Ala School Days? -lol- Miku didn’t pose as well in the seat, mainly due to her pony tails. And that’s about it for now. I have yet to open Set B and Lulu. So that will be a post for another time. =D

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