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KKnM moves!

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One of the recent blimp on the local otaku event calendar has been the relocation of KKnM, a hotspot for purchasing the latest anime merchandise. It was quite a grand affair as the shop had a massive clearance sale pre-move. Costly figurines were offered at half price, while there were boxes of older merchandise on sale at very cheap price. As explained here, KKnM shared their shop space with two other tenants: Nandemoya’s Comics Shop and another selling various DVDs (I never noticed it much =_=”” ごめん). They were also clearing their old stock and manga was going at prices like $1/volume. During the crazy sale, the queue system established in 2008’s AFA, came into play. I had to wait almost an hour to get in the shop. Which was quite an experience as it was on the 14th of February, where some single otakus like me indulge in retail therapy to avoid lonely thoughts. I went home with a bag full of manga and a few trinkets from the bargain bins.

What prompted the move was an increase in shop rental and the current economic crisis. I have no idea what will happen to the dvd business, but I do know that Nandemoya’s Comics Shop switch to a more economical approach, shifting their operations online. Hence, leaving KKnM alone to support a shop front. As there are quite a number of vacant shops in the building itself, KKnM simply moved to a smaller store.

According to the KKnM’s lady boss, it was a pity to move out of their bigger shop as it has already grown to become a hangout spot for many fanboys (and a few fangirls, the ratio of customers is probably 7:3 in favor of fanboys). However, the rising yen and rental cost left KKnM little choice, as it was to either rise the prices of their merchandise or move to a more affordable shop space. KKnM’s way of doing business has always been community conscious and they have been very supportive to helping the local otaku scene. During my time in NTU’s Animeworks, I had the opportunity to organize some exhibitions and events. And I could always count on KKnM as one of our club sponsors. ^^

After a week of hiatus, due to the move, KKnM resumed operations. Having experienced missing out of merchandise I wanted, I have learn to be early. I was there at around 1.30pm and I was not the only one. There were a few groups of regulars who were patiently waiting outside the shop while the staff were running around making preparations. After some point, the growing crowd turned into a queue, reminiscent of the week before, waiting to get into the shop space. I was motivated mostly by curiosity to head down to KKnM, to see the new place. (And I also didn’t want to miss out on the new arrival of Jyunjyo Romantica merchandise =D.) So I reckon the abnormal influx of customers to the shop was probably due to similar reasons. When in the shop, there was little space to move and the queue continued. There was nothing new in the shop itself so everyone just waiting till their turn at the counter to place their orders to buy the things they have already spotted and made note of to get from the display cabinets.^^” By the time I left the shop, the impromptu queue had grown to quite an impressive length. The staff at KKnM were perplexed at the queue, which they hadn’t initiated. However, they were pretty thankful for the docile lineup as it meant that the sales were proceeding in a neat and orderly manner.

Let’s just hope that things calm down next week so I can go down to pre-order the Nendoroids I have been lusting for.

(This definitely ruins any chance of me saving up for a proper grad trip. T-T I want chibi Nagi and Xange!! There is also a Nendo Sebastian in the works. )

Click on the following cut for more pictures of today’s loot:


JUNJOU ROMANTICA!!!!! Definitely one of the best BL manga turn anime turn novel (abbreviated as “M.A.N” -lol-) . Check out my other post on classic BL titles for more info. These  items come just in time as the 2nd season of the anime  comes to a close. Let’s hope that there will be a third~ !4

And here is a look at the things that are already on my handphone strap: Sadaharu, a Prinny, Gokudera-kun, Tsuna-kun, Etna, Konata… all hung on a Gintama chain. I need to find another solution to hanging all my fastners. 7

Here’s a closer look at the JR pencil board. These are the three couples featured in the series. From the picture right: Hiroki & Nowaki (Junjou Egoist), Misaki & Akihito (Junjou Romantica) , Shinobu & Miyagi (Junjou Terrorist) . I stopped buying shitajiki (pencil boards) for a while now but I couldn’t resist this because I think Misaki looks really sexy in this and Nowaki grooming Hiroki is just sooooo cute!!6

There is another version of these designs in the form of a handphone strap, which I didn’t get because the chibi Usagi-san and Misaki was made of rubber rather than metal as seen in the about picture. Didn’t get the matching mobile cleaning of Usagi-san, because I am already waaaay broke and I prefer chibi Misaki . =D


On a non-fujioshi note, I got this lovely lucky star mini-chain. It’s similar to the Gintama one in the previous picture. I really like the way it looks and the tiny icon : [≧ω≦.] Which is Konata.


These are the backing illustrations that came with the Disgaea fastners that I bought during the KKnM sale. They were 3 for $5. Quite a steal.


A random find in Bugis. I have the black cat paws, the previous versions that didn’t cover the wrist like these do. I want a set of the tiger print ones. T-T


I bought some mini-containers from Muji and the cashier wrapped them up this interesting envelope. 11

What the mini-containers are used for will be revealed when I make the post on the latest Nendoroid photoshoot I had last week. =D But this is it for now. ^^

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