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(Mutterings) I want a Ciel Dal~!

It’s that time of the year again~! The time where I take one step closer to becoming a half crazed old lady who surrounds herself with cats and nendoroids. My birthday wishlist just took a turn for the expensive as I was introduced to the cosplaying Pullip dolls. The picture above are the dollies cosplaying as the characters from Kuroshitsuji. Trust me when I say they look much better upclose and out of their boxes (with reference to their boxed examples below). Sharon over at KKnM was tempting me with the last remaining set of dolls and I think had a fangirl heartattack when I got to take a look at Ciel upclose.

Ciel Dal looked so darn cute and has the most perfect pout! Great detailing of the eyes too. I fancy Sebastian Taeyung for his awesome set of cutlery (-lol-) and Grell Pullip for her red specs. But my heart belongs to little Dal who crossdresses to cosplay Ciel. But at the hefty price tag of $200 +++, I don’t think I’ll be bring any of those dollie home. (Unless I have a bunch of friends who can be convinced to poll financial resources to get me a kick-ass birthday present. -hint hint hint-) The dollies are now sitting patiently at KKnM over at Sunshine Plaza, waiting to be adopted.


My real motive for going to KKnM was to spend some cash… retail therapy… post-exam spree… but I was motivated to get something useful so I got a mail guard. Mail guards are like screen protectors/ privacy protectors for handphones. And I found a cute Sengoku Basara mail guard. p1040316

All the crazy warlords chibified!!


Cute stuff. Can’t wait for the figurines… that I am pretty sure will come.


Unfortunately, I failed to take into account the length, or lackthereof, of my handphone’s screen. -_-” The pretty mail guard is too long for my phone!!! Yet another reason to change my senile s***ung phone.


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