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(Random) Nagi-sama is in the house!


*cries* Someone! Save me from the Oppai monster~!!


Have no FEAR, Nagi-sama is here!!WAHAHAHA!!! I shall turn her boobies into nothingness!!

Nagi-Sama is in the house


*sweatdrops* Someone… save me from these two flat-chested idiots.

The Deity Nagi-Sama is the latest addition to my Nendoroid family, making her the fifth lady in my chibi harem. She is currently bunking in with Louise and Yoko in a plastic carry case. I’m still backlogged on posting pictures… I promise I’ll get around to it soon!! (Maybe… not like anyone really reads this pathetic excuse for a blog anyway… *wallows in self pity*) I should get off my ass and make some toys for my chibi girls to play with.

Can’t wait for Zange and Sebastian to join the family. =)

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