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(Nendoroids) Himawari Nendos


Today marks the end of my University life as I attended the ADM Convocation 09. It was a crazy day filled with a sense of nostalgia for the days to come. I went trigger happy and took a tonne of pictures that have been duly posted over at Facebook. Since I’m keeping this blog strictly mysterious, the only pictures that are made public are this set of photographs.



And here’s Kuma-chan, who is guarding this beautiful bouquet of flowers.


But he is unable to stop Nagi-sama!


She is determined to get some time infront of the camera.


And snatches the spotlight.


Her magical girl wand in tow.

Yako manages to dispose Nagi… using some shady methods.


And laughs manically to celebrate her conquest.


Unfortunately, the intoxicating fragrance from the bouquet knocks little Nendo Yako out stone cold.


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  1. kodomut
    July 24, 2009 at 2:57 am

    Grats, now you can find a jobs and splurge on more Nendos and figures! ^^

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