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(Nendoroids) Nendo Jealousy

As some of you know, there was a meetup for Nendo/figma fans today during STGCC 09. There is a boat load of pictures to process and I’m too tired to touch them now. So here’s just some pre-event action.

(Also… I realize that I had my D50 camera setting totally wrong yesterday. Fixed the problem accidentally when I was toying around with the camera while packing my luggage. Much nicer pictures now… or rather… I’m using the camera and its lens to their full potential. Pictures below were taken in the comforts of home.)


Little Rin gets some special treatment. Because there is another Rin in comrade Kodomut’s collection.


And this makes the other Nendos rather outraged!


“Let’s eat her!” Yako suggests.


But the other nendos are torn between agreeing, disagreeing and some are still reeling from shock. =D


“She totally forgot about us right?” Suzaku
“Yeah. It’s okay… we still have each other.” Lelouch.

I couldn’t resist the fangirl action.


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