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(Dailybits) Unagi-don

October 30, 2009 4 comments

It has been quite a hellish week. But for Reisen-chan, I don’t know if she feels trapped, or elated for having been immersed in her favourite Unagi-don. =D

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(Dailybits) Loot

October 25, 2009 17 comments


Yuki: Oro? Ra-ki-Tsu-ta?

About two weeks ago (?), I spent alot of monnies to support the Lucky Star franchise. ^^”” Though I’m not quite the hardcore LS fan, I do adore the series and will have to find time to re-watch the anime. My favourite character has to be Konata and I aspire to be like Kuroi-Sensei.

The day started out as a casual visit to KKnM, with no intention of getting anything at all. But when I walked into the shop, I could not help but notice the LS line-up of figmas on display. I’ve been thinking of getting the LS girls for a while now, as they really look good in their Figma incarnations. However, I was distracted by the sweet temptation of Nendoroid Saber Lily and couldn’t make up my mind. After all the ‘helpful’ advice from the people at the counter, I decided to get the LS figmas and ditch Saber Lily. I figured that she would be easy to borrow (*hints hints*).

As it turned out, giving up the Nendoroid was a blessing in disguise. Because I wouldn’t have been able to afford the entire Lucky Star Nendoroid Puchi otherwise. Getting the LS Puchis was a stroke of luck. The production and distribution for the LS Puchis was quite a while back and it is near impossible to get a complete set unless someone puts them up for sale online, probably with an exorbitant price tag.

It just so happened that I was at the right place at the right time and I managed to grab the set from Ani-Play (a local shop in Sunshine Plaza, just a few steps from KKnM). Apparently someone had ordered the Puchis but never came to pick it up, so it was put back on the shelves for sale. =D Now I have all 10 designs + 1 Special character + one extra Konata in her swimsuit gear.


And here’s the whole loot~! 3 Figmas + 12 Nendoroid Puchi


Reisen-chan wonders if her time infront of camera has been threatened by the arrival of the n00bz.


While poor Yuki is just shocked at being surrounded by all the boxes. =D

(Dailybits) Chibi Konata

October 21, 2009 4 comments

Little Nendochi Konata has become my personal cheerleader. Looking at her just makes me happy.

It will probably another 2 weeks before I start breathing again.

(Dailybits) Reisen-chan

October 13, 2009 11 comments

Reisen: Dcal-san had strawberry gelato today. I wanted some but Yuki-san took all! -buuuuuuuu-


Reisen: But I got really happy when I found this mountain of ice-cream when Dcal-san was in Ceramics class.


Reisen: Didn’t taste that great though.

– – –

FYI, that’s not ice-cream in the second picture. Can you guess what it is? ^^”

(Dailybits) Singapore Densha

October 9, 2009 10 comments

The tiny Usami-chan is actually a Reisen Udongein Inaba limited edition mini figure by Ichijinsha ! Thanks to Martin (via FB) from Animatic Figmation for pointing her identity out. =)


Little Reisen-chan got to ride the MRT today!


And she tries to get comfy in this spot.


There was a long ride ahead of her. ^^

(Dailybits) Sunset Spice

October 8, 2009 2 comments

This photograph has been majorly PShopped. =) Taken during the Mid-autumn meetup. (Horo belongs to Nyanko-sempai.)

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(Dailybits) Touhou Bunnie~!

October 4, 2009 10 comments

I saw this up for grabs at local anime shop KKnM and went down to check it out as I was super interesting in the cute bunnie girl figurine.

I’ve been buying most of my stuff from KKnM, from Nendos to handphone accessories etc. Usamimi Yuki also came from KKnM. ^^ Anyway, before actually making the purchase, I was warning by the friendly shop owners of how small the actual figurine is. IT WAS SUPER TINY!! But I decided to get it anyway because I have a weakness for Usamimi-s. =DDD I still have no idea what the series is about and who the character is… but I don’t particularly care because she looks uber adorable. =) So I shall call her Usami-chan for now. .. till google churns out some information on the character’s name.


Usami-chan is so tiny that she looks like she is swimming in a pool of green frappe. And yes, I’m back at Teadot. Sadly, the place is pretty packed today and not exactly the best conditions for getting work done. I was feeling adventurous and ordered the “Watzup” which was described to be matcha + a hint of wasabi. *regrets* The drink tasted like wasabi crackers diluted with ice. Need a hot cup of “Angel’s breath” to wash away the taste. Next time, I’m going to stick to my beloved “Simply Matcha”.


I also tried out the chocolate banana cake. Lovely concoction. =) The lavender-haired ladies also thought so.


But Usami-chan was quick to stake her claim and Tsukasa got distracted by Yuki’s usamimi.


Also took the time to ‘glamourize’ Sebby-chan. I like his classic matte covering, but he needed some bling. =DDDD Usami-chan approves.

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