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Selling various items. With in Singapore only.


To support my manga addiction, I am forced by my mother to sell off some to make room for the new ones that keep pouring in.

Edit notes:

17/12/2008- Major edits to the books for sale, titles that have been reserved has been taken out and some new titles have been included. (I’m still sorting through my collection. More additions might be added later on.)

The books are prices according to their physical condition, publisher (local or taiwan) as well as how popular/recent they are. ‘*’ represents the chinese words I can’t type… because my pinyin sucks. ^^”

Prices for complete sets are final, but I usually give discounts to people who buy more than 3 volumes of the incomplete or one volume titles.

Complete series:

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惡魔在身邊 – 11 Volumes –$30 (It’s an old series so the books have yellowed pages, otherwise in good condition.)
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花店男孩 -2 volumes –$4

富家女120% -3 volumes-$6

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英會補習大作戰爭 - 2 volumes -$7 (More expensive because it’s a new series, in very good condition.)


Happy – 2 volumes – $6

*女要戀愛- 2 volumes – $7 (More expensive because it’s a new series, in very good condition.)


Punch! 3 volumes (chuang yi version)- $6

Incomplete Series:

(Sold in sets. Not selling individual volumes within each titles.)

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Soul Eater – 4 volumes – $10

(local publisher,Chuang Yi, so lower price)

Nana -2 Volumes -$3

搖滾下的藍色美蔷微 -$3

金色琴弦 -$1.50


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奇幻戀魔戒, Nodame Cantabile* , ASB 封魔九星傳, 月光庭園, KissKiss, 07-GHOST, Law of Ueki II* – $2.50/volume

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烘烤王 ,Skip Beat!,色诱中中毒, *年之雪,愛的十字路口, 銀魂, 桃組+戰記, Murder Princess, 美麗 Honey- $2.50/volume

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天使中的惡魔, 忍*七變化 !!, 吸血鬼騎士, 侦探探-夢水清志*事件*,校園時光, 魔法零蛋 – $2.50/volume

Kimi to Boku- vol.3 only – $3 (Bought repeat by mistake)

封面的封面- 2 volumes -$5


(Books completed in one volume)

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戀愛冒險 , 帥哥醫生惡吻, 眼鏡男俱樂部, 戀愛狂想 , 王子陛下的戀人, 四個女生, 樂樂小惡魔 -$3/volume

花美男偵探園, 期待明天有你, 超美形騎士S-$3/volume

純愛一直線 , 巴士情緣 , 祕密一羅筐, 甜心貴公子 - $2.50/volume

WANTED, 路德維希革命, 優等達今,我們的感人戀曲, 愛上危險男子, 愛你不放手 $2.50/volume

迷糊天使 (vol1) -$2 (Accidentally put in this book’s photo into this category… this is just the first book in a series, not complete. ^^””)

公主的灰姑娘,扮裝咖啡館 - $3/volume

Chinese Novels (言情小說)

Hi, I’m selling some of my xiaoshuos to earn some money to buy christmas presents.

They’re all in good condition. Most of them are by a hongkong publisher but the stories are mainly by taiwan authors. The retail price for each book is around $4.90/book (sold commonly at Popular and second hand bookstalls). These books are popular among aunties as well as teenagers alike. So recommend your mothers/sisters/girlfriends to check out the titles I have and maybe I have something that they might like to read.

I’m now letting them go at $2/book and will give a greater discount is you pick 3 books or more.

Here are the titles:

I am willing to post the synopsis of the book if required. Just request for a review, and state the book no. (as labeled in pink on the photograph).

Books can be mailed or meetups can be arranged. (Additional mailing cost may apply if the books are too heavy to be sent by normal post).


I bought these two pairs of Booties from an online spree. Unfortunately, they turned out to be just a bit too small for my feet and I have to give them up to someone else. >_< They are really pretty and look as good as the photographs! I even placed additional orders to get booties to replace the ones that don’t fit me

So I have to sell off these babies to pay for the new pairs that are coming:Metallic Buttoned Booties (Brown) (Size 38) (Selling@$25)
Matt Buttoned Booties (Gray) (Size 38)(Selling@$27)

Size 38 – approx. 24.0cm

Postage Details (Additional cost may apply):
normal/registered/meet up

Email me at wild.abandon@gmail[dot]com or leave a msg in the thread for reservations or queries. ^^

  1. vivogram
    April 8, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Are those grey boots still for sale? Can you please tell me what materials (outer and lining) the grey pair is made of? Thanks ^^

  2. vivogram
    April 9, 2009 at 4:33 am

    Thank you for replying to my queries. The boots are really cute and I have been looking for a pair like that, but in leather… Guess I shall have to continue my quest.

  3. Chikopek
    June 20, 2009 at 11:21 am

    great booties, only one size?

    • dcal
      June 20, 2009 at 1:59 pm

      Unfortunately only in one size. Because I bought these two booties and they didn’t fit me so I’m trying to find them a new home. ^^

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