(Dailybits) Bring Sexy Back.

November 26, 2009 4 comments

It has been a crazy crazy week. First with all the assignments due, then with the huge ass party called AFA 09, I have not have time to stop and take a break. -_-“” So here’s just one picture which was taken during AFA, which has nothing directly to do with the event itself, before I start paying back my massive sleep debt.

This is the gorgeous backview of comrade Arayden’s lovely DD Saber (?). I personally prefer the old school Super Dollfies… but this girl is simply delicious. =D

There will be an obligatory AFA review blog post, but it will have to wait till I have time, and have the mood to sort through the pile of pictures that were taken. Till then, I’ll just keep posting random pics. ^^

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(Dailybits) Oh Christmas Tree~!

November 20, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been buried in assignments lately. And before I knew it, Christmas decorations have mushroomed all around me. Here’s Misao telling me to take a break and look around to see all the pretty lights. =)

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(Dailybits) Yako resurfaces

November 19, 2009 7 comments

It’s been a while since Yako had some airtime. =) This pic is from an archive of neglected photographs. I vaguely remember taking this picture near some old HDB flats above Bras Basah Complex.  It’s quite a unique juxtaposition, having HDB flats sticking out in the midst of a busy business and shopping district.

(Dailybits) Experimental photography?

November 13, 2009 6 comments

This is a scan of a cross-processed photograph. ^^ The cost of using traditional photography in this style is  half the price of a nendo for the film and developing of the photos.

(Dailybits) Nyan~!

November 12, 2009 1 comment

Nothing like a little nyan nyan from Misao to spice up my day. =)

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(Dailybits) Figma Misao

November 11, 2009 9 comments

I think I might be one of the few who got Figma Kagami for just Misao’s head. =D Misao-chan is soooooo darn cute~!

Kagami will probably never see the light of day… at least on this blog. =P

Gotta find some time to bring out all the figma girls to have some fun. ^^

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(Dailybits) Rainy days are meant for play

November 9, 2009 9 comments

Since today was a rainy day, I thought that I should post something along those lines. =D

Picture from the previous meetup at Chinatown. It was raining and we were trapped at the Red Dot Museum. Konata decided to make full use of the opportunity to have some fun while the rest of us just waited for the rain to stop. =)

Credit goes to Nyanko-sempai for risking the downpour to catch Konata in action.